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Block Builder: Mine Build FREE


Welcom to cubic universe! Easily set the building blocks you wish to set and build anything you can imagine. You can use many different items, so you could create your perfect world. Explore the mine, collect blocks, craft weapons and armor. Imagine crafting your own world. Start from scratch with basic building blocks like stone, wood and bronze. In this sandbox game you can explore the world, discovering amazing places and reassembling the cubes that form in it the way you wish.building the houses with a variety of different types of buildings: palaces, villas, castles, parks, cities, ports, buildings and many more.Block builder this is a true survival game in pixel world and cube. Cut trees, craft items and weapons, fight for the chance to survive! - Large open world- Many animals, zombies, vampires, predators.- Stunning biomes, fully voxel map- Crafting!- Exploring!